ASEBA-PC™ Software Updates

Table of Contents

Automatic Updates

If the workstation is connected to the internet, ASEBA-PC™ will check for software updates whenever a user closes the window. If updates are found, a dialogue will appear notifying the user of available updates. Follow the onscreen instructions to update ASEBA-PC™ to the latest version.

Manual Updates

If your workstation with ASEBA-PC™ is unable to reach the internet, contact our technical support at 802-735-1540 or email us at and we can provide you any update file.

If your workstation with ASEBA-PC™ is able to reach the internet, but is running ASEBA-PC™ v1.0.5 or earlier, then you will have to download the updater manually in order to obtain the latest software updates. Once you do so, updates will then be checked automatically as above. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Close ASEBA-PC™ if you have it open.
  2. Run the updater and it will search for any ASEBA-PC™ updates.
  3. Follow any onscreen instructions.